Posted by: peanutmaster | February 18, 2008

Burnout Revenge – Criterion – Ps2, Xbox 360

Yet another burnout… But does it live up to the expectations left behined by the previous games? I investigate.


When I first started playing Burnout Revenge, I thought this game was very samey. Then I realised I was wrong. For a start, the tracks are very different, with new places like White Mountain, and Motor City. Plus, none of the tracks feel the same, and each track needs a different car to master it. For example, you can’t use an amazingly fast car on White Mountain, as you’ll just fall off the road to a rather ugly death.

But then, the deaths aren’t ugly. In fact, the explosions are completly beyond that of Burnout Legends, and the graphics are all together… Brilliant! Most of the burnout games have had great visuals, and this isn’t different.

Sadly, the gameplay on the previous Burnouts has felt light, and too sensitive. Luckily, this problem has been solved in Burnout Revenge.

All the best events are crammed into this game too – Crash, Traffic Attack, Race and even Eliminator! The multiplayer is also great, and it’s fun to show off your freshly unlocked cars to your mates!

Burnout Revenge is a very good game, with brilliant graphics, an amazing array of tracks and a great selections of songs to listen to whilst you kill yourself in a horrific crash off a  tall bridge.


If you have enjoyed this game, you’ll just love Burnout Dominator!


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