Posted by: peanutmaster | February 13, 2008

Burnout Paradise – Criterion – Xbox 360, Ps3

Yep, we all know that this game is all about the crashes, the graphics and also the  amazing aftertouch explosions! But a new turn of events has changed this previously brilliant game, maybe even for the worst…


Burnout Paradise is all about freeroaming about Paradise City (like Need For Speed Underground). You find and explore tracks as you go about, so now there’s more shortcuts, and more crashes!!! The bad thing is that the shortcuts are sometimes not actually shortcuts, and you can muddle it up and even have to go all the way back to the starting point of the race! Because of this I would explore the main tracks before seeking out these shortcuts.


I think that almost everyone liked the quicker (and easier) ‘click on a race to begin’ sequence. At least there’s still all the main events that burnout is all about – the races, road rage (the best in my opinion), stunt run, and a new ‘Marked Man’ event. Despite what some people say, ‘Crash Mode’ is back! Most of the tracks you race on are new, but there are few that are from previous games and have been remastered, like White Mountain, from Burnout Revenge.

There are loads of unique cars that you unlock as you win some events. Each car handles differently. The driving is different than before too, and the boosting has gone back to the way it was during Point Of Impact – you can’t boost until you have a full bar.

As always, the graphics on this game are amazing – my favourite part is seeing such a realistic-looking door being ripped off as you crash into the side of an oncoming car!! The landscapes are really detailed, but you don’t really notice it as you hurtle at over 200MPH off a bridge! And the whole of Paradise cuty is built around burnouting – there are ramps on top of everything – multi-story car parks and bridges – yep EVERYTHING!  The following clip completely sums up this game;

The graphics are brilliant and I love the crashes because there really funny, but I think the free roaming was a bad idea so the rating is…


-The free roaming was a bad idea…BUT THE CRASHES ARE BRILLIANT!!!

If you liked this, try the previous Burnout games!



  1. Thanks for the videos. It does look like a great game, but i’m still not sure if i want to waste me time on it.

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