Posted by: peanutmaster | February 13, 2008

Burnout – Criterion – Ps2


Wow… This was where it all began…

To tell you the truth, Burnout’s moved on a lot. What was a game where you had to skillfully dodge traffic to get to the finish line before the time ran out, is now a racing game where you end up costing yourself around $100,000,000 virtual dollars and a head transplant from crashing off a bridge in a homicidal way! The games of old were alot calmer back then, and that’s why this game’s not on my ‘need to get’ list.

Yes, the graphics are good, but what we now call Burnout is not there – only Road Rage, Crash and Face Offno Maniac, or Traffic Atttack – nothing. The crashes aren’t as exiting as in Burnout Paradise either. Plus, the Time Attack Mode ( where you have to complete a track in a certain amount of time) is just too hard – the checkpoint flags are always just a second out of reach!

There are five main tracks you race upon, all based around a real-life equivelant:

Interstate – This is one of the easiest tracks and has been remade in later Burnout games, including Burnout Legends.

Gridlock USA – This track is fairly difficult, and needs a good bit of skill to win. This track is one of the easiest for Crash Mode.

River City – This tracks looks alot like Paris, and on Time Attack, the checkpoints are very difficult to reach. Remember to cut through the main square!

Harbour Town – This is personally my favourite track and is based around the Mediterranean sea. It’s winding streets are difficult to traverse. This track is also raced through during Burnout Legends.

Hillside Pass – This courrse goes a bit offroad at stages, and is one of the easiest for racing upon.

Burnout is a primitive form of the new games, and the graphics could be better. And the different modes could be a bit wilder!



This game could be more fun if the crashes were better.

If you liked this, try Need For Speed Underground.


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