Posted by: peanutmaster | February 7, 2008

Jaws Unleashed – Xbox, Ps2

Du duna duna….

Everyone loved that murderous shark… And now you can play as him! yes – you play as Jaws, faffing around doing missions and being hunted down by a rich man who’s son is chomped by you.


The gameplay’s great fun because you can do what you always wanted – be jaws – you can mulla ships, terrorise people in the sea, and genrally be a giant killer shark! But by far the best bit is taking a chunk out of a person, and see him still try and escape!!! (yeah, like he’s going to escape!!!)

But like all freeroaming games, after doing the missions(including you escaping from an aquarium) it feels boring, and no amount of jaws can take away the boredom, but the feeling of that shark will still make me happy any day.



Jaws is old, but that shark will live on!!! Jaws is always good enough for me!!!

If you liked this, try playing Dead Rising on Xbox


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