Posted by: peanutmaster | February 7, 2008

Baby Pals – Ds


AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH! This game is an outrage to gamers. Just the thought of someone haing the idea that this game would sell make me almost throw up! Yes, I know it’s to try and educate younger children on how to raise their own babies, but why did they have to ruin the Ds’s credibility to do it?!

Apparently, Baby Pals is based around the theory that you feed a baby and look after it by poking it with your stylus. But what’s the power bar on the left for? Does it die on you!!!!! As well as feeding and poking your creature, you also have to bathe and even entertain it. this just sounds like a rubbish Nintendog remake!


The graphics on this game aren’t good; the baby always looks like it’s FROM YOUR NIGHTMARES!!! Well, Ok, I admit that some parts of Baby Pals were cute and funny. This game is mainly for the younger gamers who may want to buy this stuff…


This game is a duller version of those animal games, but with babies!!



  1. No this game is awesome!
    If you believe anything that you say you are WRONG!
    The game is made for kids to help prevent them from getting pregnant if they want a baby!
    Even if the graphics suck its ok!
    This game is awesome for little kids!

  2. Ok, I admit one or two parts of the game were funny and maybe… cute…

  3. I enjoy the game….the graphics are not that good but it’s enteraining.

    The problem I have with it is that the stages move to quick…and is quiet short. The hairstyles are not good and neither are some of the clothes.

  4. okay I like this game my only problems are the hair styles suck and I got the kid up to 14months withen like two hours and now the damn thing won’t grow anymore! Does it only stay at 14 months?!? Is that all it grows to can someone tell me? email>

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