Posted by: peanutmaster | February 7, 2008

Assasins Creed – Xbox 360


Could Alatair be hitman’s great, great, great, great grand father? I think so…

Well this really, really weird story is set in the future – you play a man what has to access his descendant’s memory chunks for someone. So technically, your character (named Alatair) is a memory…

Well, you work for this clan to kill people like lords or slave traders (no, this is not london but medieval times) because apparently that way, you’ll free the people of jerusalem and other areas around there of the filth and corruption. So, you go the the clan, get an assasination job and go over to that place (walking, freerunning, riding your horse, ETC), then watch a little memory clip. Then you kill the target (which sometimes is very hard) and scarper.

Now the bad part – being chased – you don’t get a break, you can run miles at a time to escape from guards just to hide in a hayststack (can’t it be simpler – like hiding in shadows?). This can be very, very frustrating.

Well, at graphics are very good at least…



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