Posted by: peanutmaster | February 5, 2008

Donkey Kong: Barrel blast – Nintendo – Wii

Blast Off!!!!


Donkey Kong:  Barrel Blast was origionally intended as a Gamecube game. And you can tell – It really feels as though it’s just not right with the Wii controls.

This ‘monkey in a barrel’ racing game works simply enough – a drumroll accelerates the barrel, and drumming on the left or right sters it. 


This game was never going to be one for depth, but this is just plain BORING! Even drumming away in the old DK: Jungle Beat was more fun! Yes, It’s Ok to start with, but soon you can see through the game’s  translucent disguise and see the true simplicity. The levels are all the same, with a different backdrop.


There are a lot of different tracks to choose ( Even if they all are made of of the same things) and a lot of weapons to play with will keep you hooked for a couple of hours. The graphics are great, but not as good as Mario Galaxy. But that still dosesn’t put it up on the league tables with the likes of MarioKart.


If you like this, try Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for the Gamecube.


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