Posted by: peanutmaster | February 3, 2008

Bully (Canis Canem Edit) – Rockstar – Ps2



Canis Canem Edit (also known as ‘Bully’) is a sandbox game based around you, a missfit rebel named Jimmy Hopkins, that gets stuffed in a hell hole called Bullworth Academy and sees you beating kids up just to be feared and respected… Well, feared.

At the start, you’re picked on by the other kids because of your differences and you’ll end up running to the nearest prefect, being chased by kids. Don’t worry – later you will be tough enough to kick those bullys heads in (not in front of prefects or teachers, mind). The best bit though is that you are free to explore the school and town, you can attend classes, be truant, bully kids, get detention (this means mowing the lawn but, if you keep getting into trouble, esculates to a football field)!

Bully is made up of lots of main missions, and a  lot of smaller mini-games, so as to earn money, or built on your abilities. The lessons are made up of minigames and range in difficulty – you earn something for completing each level – for example, English is a word scramble minigame – when you complete a level, you get to be more fluent in the language of bullies – you work out how to say sorry to other bulies, prefects, and eventually the police!

You get a multitude of weapons, ranging from  a slingshot to a spud gun. There are also vehicles to drive throughout the game, like a skateboard, bike, moped and a lawn mower!!


Your character will interact with loads of others. Most fall into the catagory of Bully, Nerd, Preppies, Greasers, Jocks, Townies and School Faculty. Be sure to help out some people, as you’l get rewards, but beat the snot out of others – you’ll get rewards for that too.

Canis Canem Edit was created by rockstar so you’ll get that brilliant, fun gameplay. But, as with all rockstar games, it can get repetitive and boring after completing all the missions (involving, helping nerds, stealing things at school and one which involves peeing in a container of drinks to annoy the jocks), but I can garrantee that the fun lasts a lot longer than the gameplay.

This game has fine graphics, great controls and decent gameplay. IGN rated it as an 8.5/10, whilst it got a 5/5 from Jive Magazine.


Even if bullying is a bad thing, this game makes it look fun!!!

If you liked this game, try Sims 2 on most platforms.


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