Posted by: peanutmaster | February 2, 2008

Tamagotchi Cornershop 2 – Namco – Ds

Caring for wittering, 2D blobs has worn a bit thin over the years, but Tamagotchi is still big news in Japan. This is why Namco made a sequel to the first bizzare (and…. Cute) Tamagotchi game.

Like before, this is made up of 12 mini-games – each being played in a different place, from a burger bar to a doctor’s surgery. Your goal is to make enough money to expand your shops and buy cut furniture for your Tama’s pad.

Everything is this game is incredibly simple – both the gameplay (which uses just screen-tapping controls) and the colourful graphics. And this what makes Tamagotchi Cornershop 2 so appealing. The conversations are hilarious – random lines of speech are delivered in speaky voices from each character. The childish chatter fits Tamagotchi perfectly!

You can’t fail to love it’s personality, but it’s the mini-games where some might falter. Like Electroplankton, it’s really more of an experience. In some shops you are given so much creative license it’s almost impossible to fail! Which is good for anyone who wants to create a bouquet of flowers, then send a photo of it to a friend. But not for those expecting a cute version of Wario Ware.

Tamagotchi cornershop 2 is a bit of a disapointment to anyone who just wanted a nice batch of minigames. Yes, this is overwhelmingly endearing to start with,  but it becomes very repetitive and is so puzzlingly simple, you kill 3 braincells from just playing it (ok, maybe not but that’s how it feels like!!!) The most enjoyable thing is making the cakes, I mean, everyone loves making cakes, right?!? Oh dear…

The graphics are simple and perfectly suited to the gameplay, but then, they aren’t the best around! Oh, and it is too easily completed!!! I would only reccomend this game to younger children who love simple minigames, or people that collect rubbish games.


Hint:  Strive to get all your shops approved by the Queen, and reap the amazingly boring rewards. Well, it’s kind of worth it, OK!!!

Well, that’s what I think, got any tips to make this a little more challenging? please leave a comment!


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