Posted by: peanutmaster | February 2, 2008

Manhunt – Rockstar – Xbox

A game you may never get to play – but what’s it really like?

Manhunt is an old game and was banned in a couple of places for its gore!! You get to play a murderer who was on the death penalty but someone saved – to make horrific movies about!!!


The aim of the game is to get from A to B, doing horrific and disgusting murders for some sicko’s movie. He films every horrific kill as you fight for your life, in the name of entertainment!!

But now this game is old and lost it’s status as the goriest and most horrible game in the world to other games (Dead Rising being one). Luckily, it wasn’t banned in the uk. Heck, it was so gory that rumour has it that a murder was commited because of the influence of this game!!! But that’s only a urban myth…
(Or is it??) At least the govermants surrendered to the fact that horrible games will always be made(so developers can sleep easy).

This is a horrific game which invoved knifes, plastic bags and more ghastly deaths than any other game.

the rating for this game would only be a..


– Most people can’t play manhunt, so what was Rockstar thinking when they brought out a sequel?!

(This game is really gory, so squeamish or crazy people refrain from playing it!!!)


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