Posted by: peanutmaster | February 2, 2008

Harvest Moon – -Ds


Watering crops, shearing sheep, shooting burglars…

Ok, I made that last one up, but Havest Moon is still quite strange. Apparently, the Harvest Goddess needs your help really badly…and your supposed to help her by farming?

This is like a smaller, peaceful, human Animal Crossing. You start off in a rubbish farm – with no animals or crops at all. But after a while, you’re a proper little virtual farmer! You’ll have tons of animals, lots of crops, and lots of farming stuff, but you’ll need to work hard.


The main point is to rescue the Harvest Spirits by doing different things. When you collect enough Harvest Spirits, you can rescue the Harvest Goddess and save your world from the not ‘that’ evil, Evil Witch. Wow.

There are also a few girls in the game that you can marry after a while (you can only play as a boy.) But you’ve got to be nice to them and be quick about it – after a while they marry someone that is not you!!!!!


There is a glitch in the europea version of Harvest Moon – the mailbox does not work!!! So, sorry, if you’re dying for a mailbox, you’re going to have to buy it from another country!

The graphics are Ok, and everything is as it should be with festivals like the Harvest Festival (which you can wreck for fun!). But it all feels repetitive after a while and you just can’t but help feel jealous as you look apon the rival farmer’s abundance of crop and then look at uhh… your farm.


-Fun for a while, but gets boring quickly, and then there’s that rival farmer!!!!

If you liked this, try Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS (BUT CHECK MY REVIEW OF IT FIRST!!!!!!!)


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