Posted by: peanutmaster | February 2, 2008

Downhill Domination – Ps2

Riding down mountains and hitting rival racers with bottles so they get badly hurt -if not killed? This is by far the best bike riding game ever!!!


You race down a series of mountains dodging natural obstacles (animals, trees, the odd monk or hiker) against other opponents to get to the finish line. Sounds simple – WRONG!!!! You race downhill VICIOUSLY hitting other racers and doing death defying tricks to get a better weapon to teach a lesson to the muppet that drove you into a tree!!!!!!!

You will get addicted to this wacky game because it’s just so competitive and hilariously funny. I love the fact that you run poor hikers and Bamby look-a-likes over just to get to a finish line! The maps are varied and the game goes through 24 courses of mayhem, through different countries, too. The aim is to win a big medal (for all the damage we caused?)


But sometimes Downhill Domination can be very frustrating. You go really fast  and most of the time your off your bike (because you crashed so often).the game loses it’s touch because this, but at least the crashes are funny. I mean, once, I practically flew off my bike and fell down a cliff!


Get Money for … Not Winning? -Play the arcade mode with two controllers… But only you playing. Finish the race as player 1, leaving the Player 2 at the starting line. Next, as player 2, finnish the race. Player one will have (obviously) won, and you get money!

Cheat Codes – For the cheat menu, press Up, Triangle, Down, Square, Left, O, Right, Square. Now bash in one of the following codes to get something new:

Anti-Gravity – Down, Triangle, Square, Square, Up.

Super Bunny Hop – Up, X, Left, Square, Up.

Super Bounce – Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle.

Mega Flip – Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Square.

Adrenaline Boost – Down, Left, Left, Right.

Combat Upgrade – Up, Down, Left, Left, Right.

Upgrade To Bottle – Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.

Energy Restore – Down, Right, Right, Left, Left.

No Combat – Left, Square, O, Square, Left.

Infinite Bottles – Up, Square, Right, Right, O, O.

More $$$ – Right, Up, Up, O, O, Square.

Unlimited Energy – Down, Triangle, Left, Left, Square

Unlock Everything – Press Pause, then hold L1 and R1 and press O, X, O. Now let go of all the buttons and press Square, then hold R1 and Triangle together.


The game’s really good fun, but it is old and it gets REALLY frustrating.


Really good fun, and that cancels out the fact that it’s just so frustrating and the fact that it’s a really old game.


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