Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Urban Chaos: Riot Response – Eidos – Ps2

A violent, gory game – bring it on…


This is an old Ps2 game which you may never of heard of.
The setting is that you –  an elite riot response soldier called Nick Mason who’s trying to (with other forces) control some murderous, mask wearing nutters called the Burners. They  wield meat cleavers and love fire…

For Ps2, the graphics are good and the missions are always different – like saving medics or escorting firemen through burning buildings and the like. Plus, the game never feels dull! The fighting’s brutal, as you use a riot shield and over 20 other weapons to block molotovs or cleavers. I said the game is brutal, and I mean brutal…

And that is about all I can say about Riot Response. It’s a brilliant game with visuals perfectly suiting the type of game. If only more games were like this…

Urban Chaos is a brilliant game that is rarely seen anymore because it’s so old, but it will live on in my heart (and my blog) as one of the most violent games I have ever played… EVER!


If you do want this game, try looking it up on, or – I could not find it anywhere in Gamestation or the like!


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