Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

The Godfather – Ps2, Xbox, Pc

A  film rip off… or, a gaming prodigy?

The Godfather is about a lowtime thug who gets pulled into the Corleone family at their time of need, to help out…

A bit like grand theft auto, you can acces all of New York and New Jersey causing hell or developing the story. There’s this threatening thing you can do the owners of shops to get money, but it don’t come easy; you have destroy things in there shop (objects,cash registers, customers,) to make them pay, but push to much and you’ll kill them or thell start fighting back – and their dangerous!!!!

There are rival gangs to watch out for as well because they have guns and are hard to kill.  You can shoot at different body parts to cripplle or disarm them, which is a god send in one level (I’m not going to tell you which!)


Stolen Money – When you see a bank robbery taking place, stick around. When the cops come and start shooting, quietly pinch all the dropped money! You can make loads from this – I mean LOADS!!!!

PS2: Unlock All Movies – Pause the game, then enter: O, SQUARE, O, SQUARE, SQUARE, L3.  This only works for Ps2.

Xbox: Unlock All Movies – Pause the game, then press: Y, X, Y, X, then click left analogue stick. This only works for the Xbox.

Pc: Codes – Press [ESC] to pause game, then enter one these codes:

Full Health – Corleone.

Max Amunition – Stracci.

$5.000 – Cuneo

All Movies – Tattaglia (All these codes only work for PC).

The Godfather has Great graphics, hardly any loading, and the game blends into the storyline of the film – the only bad thing is that you can’t kill any of your family (gang) and that’s disapointing, but you can hit the godfather!


Great graphics, little loading and a large area to free-roam gives this game a unique quality.


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