Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Resistance: Fall Of Man

Resistance is set just after WW2. The world is just getting over the worst war ever and then a disease spreads and turns people into beings called the Chimera. Good timing…

Your character is an American, working with the world to fight the Chimera forces ravaging the world. Then he gets infected by the creatures which isn’t the best thing that could have happened.


CHEATS: Skill Points:

by getting SP, you can gradually unlock some nice extras…

10 SP – Concept Art Pack One.

20 SP – Concept Art Pack two. (both Art Packs will appear under extras in your pause menu.)

40 SP – Resistance Behind The Scenes Documentary. (This willl appear in the Cinema viewer.)

70 SP – Flip Levels.

100 SP – Clank Backpacks.

126 SP – Mechanic Skin.

Resistance is a good game. The gameplay is fine, and the graphics are great, but it just does not compare to Gears Of War or Killzone. But it does show some variety to the creatures you face. 

No, Resistance isn’t anything special. It’s not worth buying because you feel very empty when you play the game, as if something is missing. These other games have that bulk when you play, Resistance however doesn’t.


Ok, I liked Resistance, but it’s just too empty and doesn’t have that attitude…

If you liked this, try Gears Of War on Xbox, or Killzone 2 on Ps3.



  1. hey just to let you know that they don’t come to earth its a new disease that infects people and turn them into the chimera it has never said that they are aliens ever in the game

  2. oooh. That explains a lot. Maybe it was my imagination!

  3. it isn’t after WWII its before and personnally i love the game but it does LOOK like GOW but there are 2 different Creatures

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