Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Pokemon Battle Revolution – Nintendo – Wii

All the pokemon from Diamond and Pearl -plus some extra moves- ALL IN 3D!!!!


Pokemon Battle Revolution has moved on a lot from those first Pokemon stadium games on the N64. Back then, everyone dreamed of a proper version, but we all knew this was near impossible. Then came Colosseum for GameCube, followed by Pokemon XD, and we all knew then that soon we’ll be seeing pokemon walking around – in 3D – for sure!


But for now, we have to go back to dreaming. You see, yes, it is in 3D, but somehow, we’ve lost the true escence of what was a proper Pokemon game. Yes, it has every monster from every game so far, but the Adventure Mode has disapeared, leaving only the Battle Mode, similar to Diamond/Pearl on Ds, and a sadness in all our hearts. If you already have one of the Ds games, you’ve got everything you’ll get out of the Wii’s version already.

The actual battle gameplay has not changed much at all. Each player takes it in turn to choose which moves their current pokemon will use, then the monster attacks the opponent’s. When all a player’s team has fainted, the opponent has won. matches can One-on-One, or Two-on-two. Below is a video of an offline battle:

At least there is a few good points about this game. For a start, the graphics are brilliant, and the detail of each and every Pokemon is amazing! The landscapes of each of the locations look great too. Each attack is brilliant in their own way – no way could you imagine that the humble move ‘surf’ could look so madjestic.  Then there’s the good moves which make you stare in awe at the screen! 


The online option on Battle Revolution is good. you can pit your team against any other around the world, just like in Mario Strikers. The problem is that there is no kind of league table to try and progress onto, so the online option is a bit useless. Also, the motto you choose to say at the beginningof each match is not shown to the opposition. STUPID!!!


Overall, I don’t belive anyone (exept maybe a serious pokemon fan who wants to add this to their collection) would want to buy this alone. It’s more of a beutiful companion to the Ds version.


The graphics are good, but the rest is inferior to the Ds version.

If you like this, try Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on Ds (see my reveiw first!!)



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