Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Pippa Funnel: Back To The Ranch – Ds

Pippa Funnel on Ds the first time around was mildly enjoyable, athough you had to put up with the annoyingly simple missions and the graphics (the horses look like they’re walking on stilts) Pippa Funnel 2 is quite an improvement and guess what, you don’t have to do so many annoyingly simple missions!

You get to go freelance, making world class horses, raising foals to gain a profit and basically having a laugh when it all goes a bit wrong (i love falling off!!!) You can also breed your own foals when your horse has full stats in care, cross, jump and skill (this can get a little repititive but it is definitely worth it, pure prophet when you sell him/her!!)

Although again, the graphics are nothing to write home about there is a wide variety of different tracks and competitions. The most irritating thing is that it does not explain how to do a pirouette and so I’m stuck, if you know how, please leave a comment!! Jumping is the most enjoyable, i think anyway, and the horses jump actually depends on the horse (I find that the Haflinger is very flat over jumps but will jump anything cross country and will give you a lovely dressage round, if you can put up with it forever taking poles showjumping) I would not reccomend the French saddle to a beginner, altyough it is probably the most talented, it takes a LOT of work to raise its stats and, eventually, to sell it for a prophet (its the most expensive at £10 000)

For a first timer I would reccomend the Appaloosa, although not one of the most attractive of the choices, it is very sane and will jump everything at quite an amazing angle, its stats are reasonably easy to raise and you will get a good foal, and a good prophet when selling both the horse and foal.

I would reccomend this game to most horse lovers, whom can’t stand to be away from them for too long! (pippa Funnel 2 is the next best thing)

I would give this game…


Graphics could be improved…
Hint: Always strive to raise the stats
Full stats-good foal-good prophet!!


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