Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Micro Machines V-4 – Supersonic Software – Ds

A bit like Mashed, but on DS….

Let’s not exaggerate this; it’s on Ds, so it isn’t going to have brilliant graphics like ps2. But, its very addictive as you can get really competitive as you try to destroy the idiot that mullered you with a machine gun. That’s right, you get to have weapons to mash your opponents…

If you have ever played Burnout Legends, you’ll know how a handheld racer should not feel. MM V-4 does not feel at all like that. It isn’t empty and the handling is’nt rubbish either. Maybe the graphics could be improved…

There are a couple of modes such as, racing, demolition and time trial and they are all addictive. Demolition is the best because it gives the best of the game. But, after completing the game and collecting all the cars it’s just another boring game.


-because of how fun it is – well, until you complete it!!!


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