Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Killzone 1 – Guerrilla Games – Ps2

I loved this game because of it’s health…

This was the first game I saw which had the health which replenished itself. This is a god send due to the game…

Anyway, the world is fighting the Helghast(mutated humans) and, is losing. You start off as a battle hardened soldier fighting (and losing) in the trenches and your about to retreat…

This was probablly once one of the hardest games because the Helghast are as hard as nails and looked hard as well –  with the glowing, yellow eyes and gas masks. The areas vary from trenches to an island as you meet other troops fighting and helping them out.  The missions sadly, do not vary as much, as you usualy just had to get to A to B. Somtimes you would do smething different like retrive something or other. The rag doll phisics are rubbish; you’d shoot up the Helghast so many times just to see them crumple slightly – which didn’t give you that feeling of bulk…


Unlock All Movies – Enter O, Square, Triangle, O, Square.

Enemies Have Big Heads – O, Square, X, O, O.

Killzone 1 is a very good game but lacking in omph. Aty least the graphics are alright and the controls are good… 


(P.S look at the helghasts masks, cool and scary!!)


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