Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Hour Of Victory – Midway – Xbox 360


At first, Hour Of Victory sounds great – you control three heroes (Operative Taggert, Commando Ross, or Army Ranger Bull), each with a different skill and at the start of each mission, you chose who to play as. In the next clip, the producers of this game talk about each characters strengths. Enjoy;

But all you do then is walk up to locked door, or wall and press X to get past it, using your players skill. No skills needed at all! Some bad guys will attack you, but thay are just too easy to wipe out! You can kill everyone in a room with just melee attacks in a matter of seconds!

And that’s not all the problems. The graphics are ugly. REALLY UGLY. This means the stages that could have looked amazing (Like the one with the German castle, the Library or the wild plains of Africa in the first stage)  now look boring. And they all play in a boring manner too.

The vechiles are terrible to control. There is a mission where you must drive a tank out of a wintry German castle is atrocious. the tank slips and sldes everywhere, then sinks into the ground a bit, before being magneticly pulled to a wall with no signs of a magnet!!

And I don’t even want to remind myself it’s set in WW2. At least Call Of Duty 4 got the picture. The dogfights are alright on this as well, with impressive explosions – but still not up to standard!


If you going to buy this, try out COD 4, or Medal Of Honor first.


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