Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Crackdown – Xbox

Crackdown is like being a God but smaller…

Crackdown is a free-roaming urban action game, set in Pacific City, ruled by criminals. Because of this, the very little police force make a super powered clone called an ‘Agent’ to clean up the streets, and get rid of the gang lords….

This game has got to be good, as it was made by the same guy that made GTA! At the start your powers are the same as a normal person’s, but after a while of kicking butt you’ll turn into a right little superman and be able to jump buildings, pick up cars, suck up bullets and blast away gang members like paper. You can do these by earning some of the five skills ( Strength, Driving, Agility, Firearms and Explosives)…

Crackdown can be really funny due to the flexible aiming which lets you practically and easily shoot out a speeding car’s wheels so it flips over. Then there’s the explosions; pile up cars, plant a detonater and watch the show!!! It’s brilliant!!! The cars all blow up into the air, and you dodge the debris as it comes down (tyres,doors,cars) and nearly crushes you… FUN!!

Crackdown’s a laugh but you might get bored after a while and the guns don’t pack the umph like its supposed to. Thankfully, the rest is great and the climbing is flexible as you scale buildings and cling on to windows…


It’s good, but you may get bored after a while.


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