Posted by: peanutmaster | February 1, 2008

Shadow Of The Collosus – Ps2


A game or animal cruelty….

this (strange) game is based around a boy who has to kill poor giant creatures in the hope of bringing a girl back to life, which DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

anyway,your supposed to go to these giant (I mean giant) creatures, climb up then(without being squased by the scared and frightened creatures) stab them in the head!!!And its not quick – you have to stab the poor creature in head or other body parts over and over to put them out of their misery. But what is the point of killing colossuses: Killing 16 Colossus creatures does the ritual of Dormin…

besides this, the graphics are good and (for horse lovers) you ride a horse. But for me its just to STRANGE so I’d rate it as..


-different people like different things – even if they like killing creatures for no reason.




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