Posted by: peanutmaster | January 31, 2008

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure – Capcom – Wii

Enter the puzzling world of Zack and Wiki, where apparently dead creatures can be used as tools!


Zack and Wiki is a puzzle game that goes along the story-line of a boy and his flying monkey, off on an adventure to find peices of a dead pirate captain’s body. There’s also your rival to deal with. She’s a mad, ‘lipstick as war-paint’ girl. Sounds weird. Sounds fun!

The game is set in 24 stages, most fairly similar to the game ‘Mousetrap’. With the goal – a treasure chest – in plain sight, you’ve just got to work out how to get to it. Will you manage to clog on of the games many, strange machanisms and get to the goal, or go down the wrong path and end up dead? The choice is up to you. Some puzzles include light refraction logic, whist others include gothics cogs and eerie machines. All the puzzles need a lot of thought,and a lot of waving the Wii-mote around. Here’s a preview of the begining;

The gameplay of this game is impressive, and, as I said, needs alot of thought. No need to worry about remembering stuff, though – you can often doodle solutions on the screen… I havn’t seen that idea before… There is also a function that let’s you zoom out to see a cross-section of the whole stage. This helps to work out what to do next. The boss battles are pretty much the same as the levels, exept with a monstrous beast trying to skin you alive. This is very frustrating when you die as you almost work out what to do next.

The graphics of Zack and Wiki are some of the best I’ve seen on the Wii. If you thought the graphics were good on Mario galaxy, try playing THIS!


All together, Zack and Wiki is a very impressive game. It’s a must for the Wii for sure!


If you played and enjoyed this, try Mario Galaxy on the Wii!


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