Posted by: peanutmaster | January 31, 2008

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles – Capcom – Wii

Resident Evil is the seventh main installment of Capcom’s world famous series. O.k, maybe they’re just overdoing it a bit by making yet another resident evil game; STOP IT NOW!!!!!

Anyway, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is for the Wii, which looks impressive, with good graphics. It’s an on the rails shooter and takes you through all the games – it goes through the mansion (from the first Resi Evil ever made!) through to Resident Evil Zero, and Resident Evil Nemises. There are also a few areas from Resi Evil 2.

Anyway I think its a Resi that doesn’t need to be here today, in fact your better off with Time Crisis 4(I can’t believe I said that!!!)

Despite the bad bits, I think if your a true Resi Gamer, you should buy it because the graphics are brilliant, and is like sharing an old and gutwrenching memory with the history of this game.


If you liked this, try the previous Resi games.


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