Posted by: peanutmaster | January 31, 2008

Gears Of War – Xbox 360, Pc


 Dirt spits up as you fire a round blindly into the dust, your mate goes down and you watch as the monster firing at you goes down too. You run to your mate as more come out of the ground, only this time, your out of ammo…

This is what Gears Of War is like, and it’s brilliant! Set in a different planet humans colonised. Then these creatures rise out of the ground and start killing everyone…

You play as a tough nut soldier imprisioned for trying to help your dad as the Locusts (the creatures) ravage him. But luckily for you, and due to lack of soldiers, the government decides to release you to fight the Locusts….

This game is based around cover and flanking, shoot like an idiot and don’t use cover and you’ll wake up dead – its all about cover. Also, the locusts come out of the ground so you have to be catious all the time for ambushes..

The graphics here are great, with stunning and sometimes very gorey visuals. The gameplay is just as good – you really do have to have a good strategy (unlike in Hour Of Victory, where you can just destroy everyone with one melee attack)!


COG tags – when looking for COG tags, get out your lancer and cut up barrels, chests, sofas etc, and go different ways. I got all 30 tags this way!!


Secret Gamer Picture – Complete the game on Casual or Hardcore to unlock Insane difficulty, then complete the game again. This will unlock a secret gamer picture with the red gear sybol on and a Marcus Fenix.

the graphics are great and everything is right but, because of that, it costs an arm and a leg!!!!This is a team shooter and can be played in co-op.

Brilliant game but it costs way to much even now so I’d give it a….


If you liked this , try Call Of Duty 4.


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