Posted by: peanutmaster | January 31, 2008

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Activision – Xbox 360, PS3, Ds

Usually, Call Of Duty and nearly all other war games were based in ww2, but this time, it’s changed……


Activision decided to take a big risk when making Call Of Duty 4- it’s now set in the near future as terrorists fight against the Usa with a rumor of a nuclear threat.  And guess what; it has definitly paid off! You play as two people in the game, one is an ex-soldier and another is an SAS soldier trying to fight the war…

Because of a new era, the weapons, vechiles and tactics are all different. Also, there’s more space that gives the illusion that your not going down a tight corridor with no choice (like other games) and its more gungho with bullets flecking as you desperately look for cover. You have more company as well as there will be more team mates with you as you fight and the ragdoll phisics are brillant, in all the time I played this I never saw a man die in the same way twice!!!

There is one problem … The game has decided to go on an outing to the Ds as well, where it has lost all credability, due to the poor graphics, finger-cramping controls, and no such thing as multiplayer. On the brighter side, they have put a good use to the touch screen – which I like to see! But, hey, why have they brought out a Ds version and not a Wii one?!

The Xbox and Ps3 versions of COD 4 are exellent, if difficult, for all the reasons stated before. Oh, and NO MORE NAZIS!!!!!!!! 


Golden Weapons – complete the right challenges to unlock golden weapons:

Golden AK-47 – Complete all assualt rifle challenges.

Golden Desert Eagle – Reach level 55.

Golden Dragonuv – Complete all Sniper challenges.

Golden M60 – Complete all LMG challenges.

Golden Mini Uzi – Complete all SMG challenges.

The graphics are great on 360 and Ps3, and the game is a refreshing change to WW2. Plus, you never feel like your alone because there’s always a soldier to fight with you. This can be this game’s undoing, though, because you will find that it pressures you to fight with your friends otherwise youll find yourself (unless your on easy) constantly dead!!

Despite this small set back, I think this game deserves an…


 This high score is for being daring and refreshing (for not always going on about ww2!!!!). Due to the descusting Ds version, I decided to give the game on that console a different rating…


‘Sigh’. Yet another Ds failiure…


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