Posted by: peanutmaster | January 30, 2008

Medal Of Honour: Airbourne – xbox 360, Pc

I won’t lie, it’s a hard game. You practically shoot a whole clip into one Nazi just to see him impossibly flying up in the air while you get shot and, let me tell you, your character is so weak, save yourself some dignity and blow yourself up!!!!

It’s all set in ww2 (as usual) and your character Boyd Travers is in the 82nd airbourne and (still believing that one man can save the world, pah, developers,  will they ever learn?) there’s a twist. They push you out a plane to get on with it in lots of different countries, killing germans as you go…


as soon as your out the plane, you have full control –  adding to a new type of could land on towers to pick soldiers off, ambush the enemy by landing straight on thier heads, land in the green smoke to get some safety and lots of health and ammo, or just cock up your landing (different landings, botched, flared-press A when your just about to hit the ground or greased-you can figure it out.) or move how you like. So every game is different… just a pity that it’s so hard!!! Here’s an in-game clip of the parachuting;

Despite being so hard, the gameplay here is just so innotive and fun! The visuals are great, too.




  1. fantastic game 10/10 however blooming hard if you want to complete it!

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