Posted by: peanutmaster | January 30, 2008

Hitman: Blood Money – Xbox 360, Ps2

Even though this is an old game I think this deserves to be reviewed because of what it introduced – choice…

In those times,you had to follow a set route in every level, but on this game you choose what to do to get that sweet, sweet hit…

The story line shows you as a clone called Agent 47 which massacred all the other clones and set out to be what he’s good at, an assassin.

In the game you are dropped off in an area and briefed. You have one goal; kill your target by any means necicary… but you can choose how to do it! you can run about like a nutter and kill everything in the hope the police don’t shoot you down or be a proper assassin (the awards are great) and take out quietly. It also uses a system which kind of urges you to be a quiet killer because your notoriety will go up so so high till they just shoot on sight in later levels,though you could just pay to get rid of the evidence or just ignore it and buy some serious fire power!


Unlock All Levels – To unlock all levels, enter Triangle, Square, Square, Right, Down, Left, R2, X, X. This only works for Ps2.

Hitman: Blood Money really is not for the gungho type and you need a lot of patience but the rest is the best gaming experience I played for quite a long time.


If you liked this, try the Godfather.



  1. this sight is da best i hope more people can see it.could you try making a web game like
    rune scape but better(better graphics,more room more creatures,more armouretc)if you could

  2. Thanks for your help, Liam, I’m really thankful.

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