Posted by: peanutmaster | January 30, 2008

Dead Rising – Capcom – Xbox 360


you begin as a reporter called Frank West investigating a occurrence when you get stranded in a mall in a quarantined area with no hope of rescue for three days in a zombie infested town!

That’s how the story goes. Dead Rising plays well on the xbox 360 and can be hilariously funny as you hit the undead on the head with a toy horse, a spoon or a bottle of wine! That’s right –  almost everything in the mall can be used to wack those zombies on the noggin!


The things you can do are great and you have the choice of unraveling the story, muller zombies or cower in a box for the whole game. Though the graphics are good and the game’s funny and all, it will get repetitive as you kill some zombies, help survivors or just kill the odd crazy survivor again and again. You can take photos of the undead, though!

CHEATS: Unlimited Molotov Cocktails:

Go fight the boss – Paul – but don’t kill him at the end. Instead, when he cathces fire, get the fire extinguisher from the shop and put him out. Next, Take him Back to the security room and carry on playing. After a while, you’ll get a call from Paul, so head back to the same room. He will now give you unlimited Molotov Cocktails.



P.s – not for the screamish


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