Posted by: peanutmaster | January 30, 2008

Club Penguin – Online

Club Penguin is one of Miniclip’s biggest Online games, where you run, jump and play in an icy world… As a penguin…

You start the game off as a blank penguin, then buy different colours, clothes and more in the shops littered around the world. There are loads of mini games to play, including sufing, sledging, and flying a jet pack!


The graphics of this game exel that of Runescape, but the world is much smaller. this means that there is lots of times when the world is full. thankfully, just like runescape, they have created lots of the same world, so there is never a time when you can’t get into Club Penguin. Another good aspect is that, unlike runescape, where you must travel along the road for ages to get to a certain area, you can just click on a certain area of the map and your there!

Overall, I think Club Penguin as a brighter version of Runescape, with better graphics, and stranger inhabitants. I even have a penguin there! If you want to get an account up on Club Penguin, click this link:

CHEATS: Secret Areas:
 There are some secret areas that don’t show their name when you brush over their location on the map. These are:

Dojo – to get to the Dojo, simply click on the mountains in the distance.

3741825360.jpg< The red ring shows where the Dojo is!!!!!

Ice Burg – to get to this small and often over crowded island,  just click on the small island to the right of the map.

 * You can get to all these places via a secret base if you become a Secret Agent. Just wait a certain amount of days ( Usually 40) then ask to become a Secret Agent. You will have to answer some very easy questions, before being permitted. Good Luck.


a. Go to Club Penguin.
b. Go to somewhere like the Town
c. If there isn’t a space under the chat bar then press F11
d. Click the gap underneath the chat bar and you should be nubbing

2) Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing
a. Once the end of the Ice Fishing level comes, catch a small fish and save it.                                                                                                                          b
. Later, when the big fish comes, hold the line with the fish on it in front of the big fish and he will eat it

3) Astro Barrier Secret!
a. Go play Astro Barrier
b. At the Astro Barrier menu, press 1, 2, or 3 if you want to go to level 10, 20, or 30.




If you liked this, try Runescape.



  1. Where are those games though?

  2. These minigames are as follows:
    Jet Pack Game: atop the lighthouse,
    The surfing game: In the cove,
    Sledging: on top of the mountain,
    Fishing: in the back exit of the house in the mountain village.

  3. hi cool web site need a bit more cheats on club penguin though

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