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Runescape – Jagex – Online


Runescape is a massive online multiplayer game for anyone with a computer and a lust for killing goblins. When writing this post, 131610 people were playing Runescape – WOW! But is it really that good?

The actual gameplay is brilliant – the world is amazingly huge – snowy plains, huge cities and towering castles – and that’s not including the member’s areas. The breed and amount of mosters to kill differs depending on wether your a member or not. If your new, you can fight mainly giant rats, giant spiders, goblins, snakes, and a zombie or two. If your a member, you can kill anything from a vampire to a dragon!

i tried a part of the game today that I had never tested before – Clan wars! Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a member for this, you only need a clan! Clan wars is literally a war between your clan and another. This is more fun the bigger your clan is, so get recruiting! To acsess this mode, lead your clan into the Wilderness and eventually you’ll find it (I’m sure someone will have made a detailed guide to exactly where it is! The only problem is that it can be quite hard to find a clan to fight…

A huge problem with Runescape is the amount of players. Thankfully, Jagex have solved this by adding a massive amount of different worlds – each almost the same. This means if one world is full, you can enter an almost empty one – clever!


Another problem is the graphics. It got the graphics of a poor Ds game. And it’s eternally dark! Let’s just hope this is solved in the near future by adding better graphics and getting some light into the dark world.

Altogether, Runescape is a good game, which needs work on the visual side, but I think to get the fun out of this game, you need to be a member. Despite this, I belive it’s one of the better online games.



There are some people that try and trick you into entering the wilderness so as to kill you and take your money. DO NOT BE TRICKED!

If you are in an area of the wilderness that’s close to the border, no-one can harm you unless they are close to your level. There further you enter, the more people with higher levels are allowed to kill you. Enter at your own risk.


MISSIONS: Here’s a guide to complete those missions. I’m adding to the list, don’t you worry!

Pirate’s Treasure:
To complete this mission, you must first talk to Red Beard Frank, a pirate outside the bar in Port Sarim. He’ll ask you to buy him some Rum. to obtain this item, go on the ferry to Karamja and go to the bar there. There’ll be rum, but it’ll be expensive, so make sure you have money. 

But here comes your problem – you can’t take it back. So, you’ll have to get a job in the bannana place near the port and fill a crate with the fruit. Then put the rum in. It’ll be smuggled off inside the crate. Next, go back to Port Sarim and enter Wydins Shop, which is on the front, near the water. you will see the crate in a back room, but it is locked away. To get to it, you’ll need to get a job there so speak to Wydin.

Once you have a job, go into the back room and take the rum, before giving it to Redbeard Frank. He’ll then tell you that the treasure is inside a chest in the upstairs room of the blue moon inn in Varrock. this is easy enough to find. When you open the chest, you’ll find the Chest empty, exept for a note, telling you to dig where a statue of Saradomin in the gardens of Falador points. When you eventually get to the right spot and begin to dig, a gardener will attack you. He is easy enough to kill if you are experienced but fairly difficult to newer players. I’d bring a good weapon, but don’t go crazy. when you’ve killed the guy, dig up the treal treasure chest and obtain some treasure, 2 quest points and the pay-fare option between the mainland and Karamja.

Restless Ghost:

This mission is very easy. Just talk to the Preist – Father Aerick, who will ask you to help him with his ghost problem. You must then find Father urhney, who lives in the swamp south of the church. make sure you have a weapon, as you will almost definetly be attacked by a giant rat or spider! when you find Urhney, he will give you an amulet that lets you talk to ghosts. this is just what you wanted and you go bach to the romb in the graveyard to try to make sense of the ghost.

The ghost speaks to you and tells you that he cannot rest until his skull has returned. So off you go again, but this time to the Wizard’s Tower. In the basement, the skull will be set on a table in one of the left rooms. take it quick because a skeleton emerges a second later.  Kill it and get back to the ghost. Place the skull in the coffin and the ghost will thank you – another mission complete.

Sheep Shearer:

This mission is by far the easiest. Just go up to the farm north of Lumbridge, and speak to the farmer. he will ask you to shear some sheep and bring him 20 balls of wool.

Firstly, you need some shearers. there are some on the table in the farm house if you don’t yet have any. Next, go into the field. You will notice there is lots of sheep, and the occasional ram. go up to as many sheep and shear them as you can. Do not shear a ram, as it will attack you – bad for beginners with litttle attack.

Next, go back to Lumbridge castle and go to the second floor. in on of the main rooms, there will be a spinning weel. go up to it and click. tell it to make some balls of wool from what you’ve collected. Go back to the farmer when you think you’ve got twenty balls of the wool. he will pay you a small amount and you’ll get a quest point. Hurrah!


With a bit more work to the graphics, and a few more missions, this alright game could be brilliant!

If you liked this, Try Elder scrolls 4: Oblivion, or Club Penguin.



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