Posted by: peanutmaster | January 26, 2008

Worms: Open Warfare 2- Team 17 – Ds, Psp

So, we’ve all heard of the classic game ‘Worms’, and most Ds and Psp owners will know that this is the sequel to Worms: Open Warefare, but what’s so different?


Well, for a start, It’s on the Psp and Ds, giving you twice the homicidal worm fun. On the Psp, the picture is clear and crisp and controls well. On the other hand, the Ds has the touch screen and controls Really well! It also has some fun puzzles, but nothing special.

The best thing about Worms: Open Warfare 2 is the customising. You can make your worm wear anything from a pirate hat to a space helmet, and you can even create your own areas! There are also 11 new and improved weapons, including the Electromagnet, Bunker Buster and Buffalo of Lies…

There are even new scenes to look forward to. Have your worms fight in famous war scenes like WW1, WW2, The Spanish Armada, and even Space! But some things are still the same. Like the addictive gameplay, and the funny words the worms blurt out in a squeaky voice.


Overall, the Ds version is slightly crusty compared to the Psp’s, but this game is definitely worth having if you’ve played the original games and want more.

RATING: 75%               

If you’ve played this, try Worms: Open warfare on Ds and Psp



  1. i think you over rated worms warfare.i kno that the create your own battle ground was fun(which you didnt talk about)but the rest is just the same but worse!!!it should be ratedat least under 60!!!!!!

  2. I love your site. Have you got any reveiw for Spyro: Shadow Legacy on Ds?

  3. Yes, just type Spyro into the search bar at the top of the page.

  4. can you give me a puzzle guide for worms open warfare 2 on psp?

  5. I have! If you want to see it, just click on ‘Guides’ near the top of the sidebar, or type ‘Worms Open Warfare 2 Puzzle guide’ into the search box. Hope it helps 😀

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