Posted by: peanutmaster | January 17, 2008

Worms: Open Warefare – Team 17 – Ds, Psp

Over a decade on, homicidal worms ( that could well be under the influence of alchohol and/ or drugs) are trying to blow each other up by any means possible. And now they’re on the DS!

Okay, so everyone knows about Worms, thanks to the classic Pc games, but is this one just as mind-blowing?

After vigorous testing – I.e – obliterating everything the game threw at me and completely thrashing anyone with a Ds ( thanks to Ds wireless download play), I rated this game… Ok. This is why.

 Firstly, there  aren’t many modes of play – just quick game, create game ( which are almost identical, except you get to choose who you play as and where in create game mode), challenges, and multi player. If you are new to the worms games, I’d have a go at the challenges mode – it’s simply three tutorials followed by 20 challenges, getting harder as they go. To get the hardest possible game, I’d just use the multi player mode. This way, you can play up to three friends.

The Quick game mode is literally a simplified version of Create game. In fact it’s the same but without the choosing of teams and areas. WHAT’S THE POINT OF THAT!!!!

I think the fact that there is only 7 different areas to choose from ( Arctic, Jungle, Hawaiian, Hell, London, and Space) is a let down. Fortunately, on Create game mode you can choose what this area  looks like… well, say it comes up as space, but it only has two bumps, you can regenerate it by pressing a button. This may make it bumpier, or flatter…

Overall, this game is a bit of a let down for the single player modes, but when it comes to multi player – this is the game!


If you liked this game, try Worms: Open Warfare 2 – Ds, or Age of empires – Pc/DS


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