Posted by: peanutmaster | January 17, 2008

Electroplankton – Ds

Ever played Electroplankton on the Ds… Don’t waste your time.



Electroplankton is basically a microscopic eco-system that loves to make music by running about frantically, jumping onto bushes like kamikaze… plankton, or spinning.

This may seem quite a simple and nice game. But you’re wrong. For a start, not all of the music created by the plankton is lovely and relaxing. I absolotly had the noises that the Hanenbow and Tracy make. To add to the displeasure, once you’ve created a masterpiece, THERE’S NO WAY OF SAVING IT!!!! Anyway, who’d want to spend £19.99 on a game that has ten levels which are all based around music making plankton?!

On the other hand, the Beatnes play a very good Super Mario tune and the idea of recording your voice and hearing it come out of a miniture fish’s mouth to a hip hop beat is pretty cool. But that’s all that’s cool.


Oh, There’s also a listening mode, where you listen to the game  as it shows you how you should play. It’s not THAT good, unless you’re on a long journey and have nother better to listen too.

Okay, so this game isn’t as bad as Crazy Frog Racing ( see my review for that further down the page) but isn’t as amazing as Animal Crossing: Wild World.  Trust me – keep your distance.


If you liked this, try buying a proper game!


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