Posted by: peanutmaster | September 20, 2007

Sims 2 Pets – Ea – Ds, Psp, Ps2

This game has everything, from online shopping to cooking salmon, but only the best can become the best in this animal treating game.

 I like how you can choose exactly what pet you would like (all hail our jack russel – Bruce!), as well as the usual creating exactly what you look like. I also like the Nintendog-like ‘take your dog for a walk in the park, before giving them a wash ‘ idea.

But it’s not all happily playing with your pet – the downfall of this game I belive is the fact you have to keep going to bed and getting the clients upset for keeping them waiting. I also think the controls could be better.

This game is for people thst are new to Sims, or people that have played nintendogs and want something more difficult.


If you liked this, you should try out Sims 2 on Ds, Nintendogs on Ds, or Dogz on Ds.


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