Posted by: peanutmaster | September 20, 2007

Nintendogs – Nintendo – Ds

This game is the biggest ‘pet’ game EVER for the Ds. It was a hit in Japan and massive in America, but how good is it really?

If you’ve played Sims 2 Pets and found it boring, try  Nintendogs. Buy your own dogs, care for them, train them, enter them into the dog contests and more!!

This game is just like having your own dog to dress up ( my favourite item of clothing is mario’s hat, which you can find on walks)! The contests are also very impressive, and enjoyable – especially the frisbee challenge.


I really like how this game makes you play it , because if you don’t , your dog won’t like you, which means it won’t do very well in any of the competitions, meaning you won’t be able to feed your dog – it all counts on you playing the game all the time!

I don’t really like how the background keeps repeating itself when your giving your dogs ‘walkies’ – it just shows how Nintendo quickly skipped over the making of this feature (hopefully because they were attracting all their attention to a game for the future).


Eating exclamation marks – When an exclamation mark appears above your dog, drag it to it’s mouth and it will eat it!

All together, the game is a strange mix of virtual pets and dog related mini games that becomes very addictive!


If you enjoyed playing this game, try Dogz on Ds, or Sims 2 Petes on Ds.



  1. Thanks, I was thinkin of buying it. What do you think..? NintenDogs or Club Pengin Elite Force..? Im gettin a DSI so i need to know. Email me at and tell me what u would recommend.

    • Nintendogs any day.

      Club Penguin is online, so why not just be a member on that?
      ….or play it for free…

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