Posted by: peanutmaster | August 20, 2007

Mario Kart – Nintendo – Ds

Mario Kart is easily the most addictive racing game… Ever!

Mario Kart is the ds version of the Mario racing game series. I really enjoyed this game, as it had such a variety of tracks – my favourite being Waluigi Pinball or the dizzying heights of the Airship Fortress. Plus, multiplayer racing and battling is included (just as any good game should)! But this game is different… For the first time, You can play mario kart with anyone around the world!!!!

iuevw.jpgThis amazing feat is thanks to the Ds’ Wifi connection system – and I’m lovin’ it!!! At last I can race against my cousin in austrailia, only by getting his friend code! To do this, simply start up you’re wifi connection (you must have a router for you’re computer’s internet that you can hook up to wirelesssly), then click on wether you want to race against a friend (you must have their friend code), a rival (anyone that’s the same level as you), anyone in the continent, or anyone in the world!! There are a few problems with this gameplay though – firstly, it takes a while to find a player willing to race you, and secondly, everyone’s better than you!! Yes, to win any races, you’ll need to practice hard on single player! 

I like this game because of the variety of tracks and also how they’ve taken the best retro tracks from the previous games (like Moo Moo Farm, Donut Plains, Choco Mountain, Koopa Beach and even Sky Garden) and made them… Good. These tracks are probably the easiest bacause they are very simple (just look at Baby Park for instance) and also there is the fact that any dedicated Mario fan should know these tracks inside out from playing them on older consoles. Here’s a list of the new tracks and how to win on them every time…



Figure 8 Circuit: This track is one of the first you encounter, and is perfect for practising powerslides for later. Remember to turn early on those wide corners, though – you don’t want to powerslide off into the grass, do you. Also, the wide streches of this track are perfect for using the snaking technique.


Yoshi Falls: This track is has an upper and lower section – which way you choose really depends on your character’s skills. The upper section is best, because of the boosters strewn everywhere. The bottom part is shorter, but filled with water to slow you down – use a mushroom boost to get past this quickly. Another good point with the bottom section is that there are boxes floating randomly downstream.

Cheep Cheep Beach: This is one of my favourite tracks. When you turn on the pier at the start, be sure to do a quick powerslide – but do it too late, and you’ll hit the barrier! You can do the same as you go through the stone arch as well. if the tide goes out on the next curve (which is on the main beach, over the boost jumps) make a dash through the space where the water was for a quick short cut. Do all of this right and you’ll definitly be in the lead!


Luigi’s Mansion: You should be able to make three, sharp powerslides on the way down the first hill. There is a lot of snaking possibilities inside the mansion to give you a boost, too. Also, use a mushroom in the swamp to stop you getting stuck.



Desert Hills: This track has a lot of tight corners that are pefect for powersliding and laying down bananas.  The first lap of this circuit has no real dangers (exept the Pokeys, which you can easily dodge), but the second lap holds a surprise as the angry sun spurts fireballs at you. These are very hard to dodge and can wipe you out for a couple of seconds ( that may not seem much, but it’s enough for a few racers to get past you and win that vital last lap).

Delfino Square: Remember this place? Yep, it’s the same place from Mario Sunshine! It’s an easy track to get ahead early, as the fountain is perfect for powersliding around. When you get to the fork, there’s no need to worry – both routes are just as quick. The real shortcut comes when you’re about to go over the first bridge (not the one that lifts up). Instead of going over, jump off to the left, and aim for the pier. If you don’t reach it, you might need to be in a faster engine group or use a mushroom. There is also a small alley after the same bridge and behined two crates. this way is not a shortcut, as the mud there slows you down badly.

Waluigi Pinball: There are a lot of boosters to get ahead with on the first bend, and the curves on the next section of the track are great for powersliding. On the main table, it’s quicker to head straight down, using the map to locate every pinball and flipper.

Shroom Ridge: Shroom ridge is a fairly difficult track, but easy if you know how. It’s best if you’re in a heavier car, because that way, you’ll be able to push other racers into the oncoming traffic. This circuit has lots of U-bends that are berfect for powersliding, but I would use the map to look out for cars and buses to avoid collisions. Remember; those last bends don’t have barriers, so don’t go crazy on the powerslides!


Dk Pass: This track is very snowy at stages, so I would use a lighter character to not get slowed down as much. Remember to look out for snowballs as you powerslide round the S-curves just after the igloo. Also, ther last bend is littered with snowmen, so I strongly reccomened hugging that corner tightly. whilst doing this, litter about some bannanas.

Tick Tock Clock: This is easy because it is very simple and also because the only enemies are some clockhands and a pendulum! When you go over the clock faces, look on the map to see which way to go – go the way with the hour hand. The pendulum crops up next and is by far the hardest part of the circuit. You will get knoked off at first, but with practice, it can be done!!! There are 4 cogs that rotate in different directions next. To get to that prized first place, you have to snake around them the same way they are rotating. This will give you a boost. My favourite hint comes next – On the final stretch, you’ll notice two vertical cogs. Drive OVER the one that’s going the same direction as you to get a big boost.

Mario Circuit: As soon as the race starts, try to nudge the other racers into the Goombahs. As the circuit moves up, you will meet a large S-curve. Try snaking this, whilst avoiding the Pirana Plant’s fireballs (not that that is hard…). It is here that a few bannana’s could potentally wipe somebody out. The last few bends of the track are perfect for powersliding and are the key in winning this race.

Airship Fortress: This track is by far the most imaginative of them all. You start off by racing along the walls of a casle, dodging the Bullet Bills that are fired at you. You then powerslide round the corner and jump onto the airship. You can hug the next corner tightly, dodging the Monty Moles that keep popping up. After entering the ship and powersliding round the tight corner, you’ll end up inside a room with lots of boxes. Try snaking if you can manage it. Next, you get fired out of a cannon and end up inside a tall tower. You can actually powerslide right down to the ground and through the finnish line – what an ending!!!



Wario Stadium: The first three turns of this course are very tight, so I wouldn’t even try powersliding! When you traverse the swampy area next, be sure to hit every booster on the islands, or you’ll slow down massively! Also, Red Koopa Shells work brilliantly here. Then, when you go over the boosters and through the fireballs, be sure to take off in a straight line or you’ll be burnt to a crisp! Be sure to weave over the hills just a bit further on to reach every booster to make up for the time spend dodging fireballs.

Peach Gardens: This track requires a lighter car (hitting flowerbeds won’t slow you down as much when you take shortcuts). Powerslide roung the first bend, but don’t slow down – a Chain Chomp follows you round this bit! Use a mushroom to cut through the flowerbeds – it saves loads of time!  Rememeber – If you can see a Chain Chomp – follow it – they trail item boxes behind them!! Weave in and out of the Monty Moles towards the end of the circuit (and if you have any bannanas, put them here).

Bowser Castle: This course is quite difficult, but gets easier the more you have a go at it. The best way to get ahead is on the turntable, instead of heading towards the normal exit, keep going to the right, dodging the flames and going through a smaller yet quicker exit.  It’s best to have a heavier character like Bowser to to stop being knocked off the many narrow pathways of this course. Try and hit the moving cylinder at an angle, and you won’t need to steer much. If you fall off, the track below is around five seconds longer!!!

Rainbow Road: Rainbow Road is possibly the hardest track on this game, as there is no barriers most the time and so is easy to get pushed off. Another bad point about this track is that if you get hit by a weapon in the middle of the loop, you’ll fall and probably end up at the back of the pack! My top tips are; to snake as much as possible, stay ahead while you can so you don’t get pushed off the sides, and stay on the right – it’s faster!!


Unlocking Characters:


R.O.B – get gold on every cup in 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro Mode.

Dry Bones – Gold on every Cup in 50cc Nitro Mode.

Waluigi – Get Gold on every cup in 100cc Retro Mode.

Daisy – Get gold on every cup in 50cc Retro Mode


Havn’t got the previous Mario racing games? Have no fear – most of the tracks from the other games have been updated and included in this must-have game – you’ve just got to unlock them!


And still I ask myself – why remake Baby Park?!…


If you liked this, try Diddy Kong Racing on Ds, or Crash Tag Team Racing on Ps2.

I have not yet played the NEW Mariokart game on the Wii, but it is supposedly going to be the best yet when released, taking the classic tracks to a whole new level.


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