Posted by: peanutmaster | August 17, 2007

Zenduku – Eidos – Ds, Psp

Zenduku combines suduku, Zen sybols and fighting in a frustrating puzzle game on Ds.  Fight it out against characters from around the globe, or use the touch screen in a strange, block breaking, candle blowing, frost wiping minigame (well, on the Ds version anyway…)! Don’t forget to try out the multiplayer fun either!

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of suduku, or don’t know how to play – the rules are listed on the main menu. Most people I have asked think that Zenduku could have spent more time creating the battling and used more mature symbols.

Well, I say ‘battling’. But it’s not really battling, so to speak. You just try and attack and defend youself with combos and furious touch-screen tapping! If you think about it, there is nothing new about Zenduku; you can find all the puzzling action here and more in Puzzle Quest, or Lumines. Also, the latter are actually addictive – Zenduku is just plain frustrating!

 If you are looking for a game that will last you forever to complete and will never get boring, THIS IS NOT THAT GAME!!!!


If you liked this game, you’ll love Puzzle Quest on Ds!


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