Posted by: peanutmaster | August 17, 2007

Dino Master – Majesco -Ds

Dave, the archaeologist. Off on another expedition. One with strange creatures wielding fangs.

In this Game, the player must dig in a given area to find a fossil, which you can bring back to life and use to battle with! But it’s not so simple – a mutant creature will be waiting to shoot their mucus-covered laser balls at you! This game takes skill,  although I got bored very quickly.

CHEATS: Getting More Points

Get the clock from a block (this freezes the beasties attacking you). Next, get Dave the digger to draw a line around the main monster that leads back to as close to your van as possible. All the area around main monster gets dug – giving you a score of 80% or more and getting you to the next level! Sadly, any fossils that haven’t already been dug up in that area won’t get caught!


If you have already played this game, try Spectrobes or Pokemon.

As you can see we have not yet found very many hints or cheats for this game – if you know of any send them in – we are always updating our site.


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