Posted by: peanutmaster | August 17, 2007

Diddy Kong Racing – Rare – Ds


If you enjoy racing, battling, or creating your own silly sounds and billboards, this is the game for you! In this all action, mine -blowing game, you race on land, in the water and …IN THE AIR!!!

Create your own tracks to twart your friends on and customise the sounds, billboards and vechiles to finnally beat the giant magic pig – Wizpig! But it Dosn’t stop there! Destroy your mates on four battle areas – an icy pyramid, a token-littered castle, a swamp and a volcanoe!

I really like this game because the graphics are amazing and the tracks vary so much! This is a must have game!



* You do not need to actually pass through the finnish posts to get to the next lap – it’s often quicker to go around them!

* Having trouble getting up to high ledges and tunnels using the plane?  Just press the ‘R’ Button upwards to get up there easily.  This button also lets you get round really tight corners when you press it along with either the right or left directinal buttons.

* Remember – the car cannot go on water – if you’ve seen a secret way that’s on water use the hover boat or plane!!

CHEATS: Secret Passages

* On Frosty Village you pass a waterfall to your right towards the end of the lap.  Go through it. you will end up in a watery expanse. keep going forward past two stalagmites of ice. the road will follow you to your left. DO NOT  go back to it, but go through  another hole in the wall. To actually let this cheat give you an advantage, you need to be on the hover boat.

p3050018_edited.JPG Inside the waterfall.

* On Treasure Caves, there is a tunnel at the begining to the right. It is so high, only the plane can pass through it.

* On the water track Cresent Island, you meet a ship about halfway through a lap. Instead of passing through it like everyone else, go through the water to your left. If you follow the water, you will end up on the main track once more.

p3050020_edited.JPG p3050021_edited.JPG p3050022_edited.JPG


If you like this game, try Mario Kart.

Diddy Kong Racing is still being updated, but if you have any more cheats, hints, secret ways or any questions – LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!


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