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Animal Crossing: Wild World – Nintendo – Ds

 Animal Crossing is a very, very addictive game. It all starts when you move to a little town in the country side, and start working for the shopkeeper – Tom Nook. After that, though, you can do practically whatever you want – enter competitions to catch bugs and fish – watch  firework displays or go out with your friends – without even going out! But once you stepaway from all the digging and fishing and mail addicted animals, it seems crazy! And always running after your supposed friends is sometimes repetitive and boring!


I do like listening to KK, though. I often change the time on my clock just to listen to him whistle along to his guitar tune. But inviting your friends over is the best thing to do by far! Using Wifi, you can even invite up to four friends into your town from anywhere around the world (but you’ll need to find out their friend code first)!!!!



* When you begin the game, Nook asks you if you would like to join the HRA, or Happy Room Academy. If you choose to join they will give you points for your room. If you get a certain amount, you will get;

70,000 points – one story model

100,000 points – two story model

150,000 points – mansion model

To get extra points, place rare items in your room, do not leave equipment or fruit lying on the floor and pay off your mortgage to get a bigger house.


* To get a moldy shirt, talk to Gracie (She is a giraffe that often pays a visit to the plaza outside your town hall). She sometimes encloses one in her certificates.

* To Get the Golden Fishing Rod, catch every known fish.  For the Golden Net, catch every known bug. To get the Golden Shovel, bury a normal shovel and leave it for at least 24 hours. When dug up it should be golden. To get the Golden Watering Can, you must keep the enviroment perfect for 16 days. Pelly or Phyllis will give you this. The Golden Axe (which never breaks) is probably the hardest to get. Give a Golden Scallop to Pascal (the strange animal that waits along the beach every now and then). He will give you the Golden Axe.

 * To get Snowman Furniture, make a snowman in winter. If you make it in the right preportions, it will give you a peice of this really rare furniture in the mail.


* Nooks Cranny (the shop beside Able Sisters) upgrades when you spend money there;

Nook ‘N’ Go – Spend 25000 bells.

Nookway – Spend 9000 bells.

Nookingtons – Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop there.

* Boondox is a town too poor to buy food.  Help them buy donating money at the post office – you will be rewarded;

Green feather – Donate 10,000 bells          Purple feather –  Donate 1,1000,000 bells

Blue feather – Donate 200,000 bells          White feather – Donate 1,4000,000 bells

Yellow feather – Donate 500,000 bells      Rainbow feather – Donate 6,4000,000 bells

Red feather – Donate 800,000 bells

3050942181.jpg                              3050944591.jpg

* Trophies can be won  during the competions. To gain the Fish Trophy, catch the biggest fish during the Fishing Tourney. The Bug Trophy is gained by catching the biggest Bug during the Bug Off. The Flower Fest is a chance to get the Flower Trophy. Just have the best garden.

* You can gain Sparklers and Roman Candles by talking to Tortimer (the mayor) at the fireworks show. To get Party Poppers, talk to Tortimer at New years Eve.



If you really enjoyed this game, try out Harvest Moon on Ds.



  1. more cheat codes please

  2. How can i make a load of money on my normal DS?

  3. Cool

  4. where do you get your feather when you already bought it? 🙂
    please email me/ response asap. thank you very much.
    love, megan & brian

  5. what more can you do?

  6. whats so special about a feather?

  7. its a prize you win for donating enough money. It’s worn in the hair and you can show it off too your friends, saying – ‘I’m a rich bastard that can spare to lose sooo much money for a feather’. It does look nice in the hair though.

  8. lol
    there aint any codes for ac lol
    unless u hav ar wich takes the point out of ac.
    L do u no how to get the mario set?

  9. No, actually I don’t. Do you? Or if anybody else knows, please leave a comment. 😀

  10. if i did wud i hav asked?

    i hav ar.
    but it takes the fun out of ac…
    so i only use it 4 fun on mario nd stuff…
    wts ur pokemon fc?

  11. wooooowww all of you guys are retards…… sometimes when you shoot the purple balloons with your slingshot you get mario stuff… i have every mario stuff ever invented on animal crossing

  12. yes, we are 🙂 and wow, thanks for that tip!

  13. ok thank you 🙂
    they are very common on city folk :O

    the ninteno set is;
    Nintendo Bench
    Master Sword
    Block Wall
    Block Floor
    (i have all of those on all the games)
    fire flower
    (i have these on GC)
    fire pole
    1up mushroom
    (my brother has these 2 on wii)
    flag pole
    mega mushroom

    i think thats all of them

  14. how can i get rich i have tried everything but it’s too hard. please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Okay, to start off with, you can make alot of money by fishing, getting big fish and selling them for alot of cash. The same can be done with bug catching, but I find fishing more prosperous. You could also try your hand at gambling with the turnips – you dont always get a good price, but sometimes you hit the jackpot!

      I think you might be able to use and Action Replay to get those bells, too….

  15. Do you still use your animal crossing game card with action replay? because it sounds so cool oh and btw do you know the mortgage prices?

  16. hellllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo??????????????????????????

    • Hi

      No, I don’t use my Action Replay on Animal Crossing anymore – I ams cared it will screw up my game. However, I do use it on Pokemon and games like that.

      As for your second bit, I don’t quite understand – can you explain what you want a bit more please lol 🙂

  17. Tammy wanted to know if you knew the mortgage prices for your house

    [Then again I don’t have the game so I may be wrong]

    • Oh, I see

      I dont really know, but Im sure someone does. Sorry, and I hope someone heps!

  18. Hey I seggest using Google its easy

    Heres the link to the website

  19. thank you all you have helped me lots 🙂

    p.s Thank you both!!!

  20. your welcome.

  21. I have a so-so helpful hint: when you use ar on ac:ww, do NOT!!! use running bullet cheat to run as fast as a bullet and go in the exhibits in that place!! i did, 2x, and it froze up on me. but it IS pretty funny to see my person running like a bullet…

    • Yeah – Thanks for that!

  22. I’m finding it really hard to get a golden watering can and a golden axe how is everyone else doing?

    Any hints to help me???


    • Golden Watering Can – Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will then give you the golden can.
      Golden Axe – Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.

      Hope this helps!

  23. i know but i can’t do it, it’s too hard !!!:-)

  24. 🙂

  25. Does anyone know how to make a snowman perfect?

    • You have to have the body and head in the right proportion. I found that after a while of rolling, your character begins to use his hands. After a few steps of this, the ball should be the right size for the head. Make the body slightly bigger, and the snowman should be perfect.

      If this doesn’t help, I have a post on how to do it, along with other tasks to do on ACWW.

  26. I think animal crossing is the best game on ds as it is well worth the money and you cant complete it in a day like alot of the rubbish games like, horses-my stud farm its silly and i completed it in a day!!!!!

  27. Hey, has anybody noticed if you dont play on ac ww for a long time, when you go back on it all looks really weird!!!!!!!!!!!!Or is that just me?! 🙂

  28. anyone?


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