Posted by: peanutmaster | August 16, 2007

New Super Mario Bros – Nintendo – Ds


New super mario bros combines classic platform gaming with mushroom-munching action! Play as mario to save Princess Peach and stop Bowser Jr once and for all! Unlike Kirby each level is a world of it’s own – from deep caverns to sandy deserts to dry-bones infested castles! You could spend all day hooked to the screen trying to catch all 250 big star coins! My sister thinks that the actual gameplay is way too easy – she completed it in 3 hours! Below is a video of those first few levels;

New Super Mario  Bros can have up to four players battling it out in the minigames section, and also on the ‘collect all the stars’ game, so there is no reason to not buy it!!



* To play as luigi, press the ‘R’ and ‘L’ buttons together, whilst selecting a file on the main menu screen. 3627639964.jpg


* Whilst paused on the map, press L R L R X X Y Y. This starts the secret challenge mode. This only works after the game has been completed.



* To unlock world 4, defeat the boss of world 2 as mini mario.

* To unlock world 7, defeat the boss of world 5 as mini mario.

* To unlock the BG patterns complete the game once.

* To unlock unlimited toadstool items clear every level – even the bonus the lettered bonuses.

* To be able to save,  beat the game once.

* If you complete a level with the last digits  of the time  being either 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 or 99 a differant colour mushroom hut appears – depending on the time.



If you liked this game, you’ll love Super Mario 64 or Kirby: Mouse Attack!

If you know of any more Cheats or unlockables, or if you have any questions, put them in the comments box below!!




  1. Great game. Thanks for posting the unlockables — the two “hidden” worlds (4 and 7) had me puzzled for a while (I had assumed it was from a secret exit on another level or something).

  2. How do you get past world 6 -1 and 6-4. What is the trick? Thanks.

    • Okay, World 6-1 is simple – just try and avoid the Bullet Bills at all cost! And remember that if you jump on top of the Bullet Bills they will drop out of the sky. Also, when on the cliff faces, you can jump down to avoid Koopas, and Bullet Bills.

      World 6-4 is a little more tricky. To get past this, you must just NOT get in the way of the fireballs. Nothing I know of will stop them! Again, remember how to jump down on cliff faces to avoid bad guys and maybe use a power up, so If you do get hit, you won’t die instantly. These are tricky levels, so keep trying!

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